A springy ride for every run. The Peg’s familiar, just-for-you feel returns to help awaken your inner dragon. This version has the same responsiveness and neutral support you love, but with improved comfort in those sensitive areas of your foot (like the arch and toes). Whether you’re logging long marathon miles or squeezing in a speed session before the sun goes down, it’s still the established road runner you can put your faith in as you welcome the new year.

Support: Neutral
The more supportive the shoe, the more stability it can give to your natural stride. A combination of tuned support and intentionally placed cushioning helps you feel secure with every step. The Peg 40 has neutral support. It gives you balance, whether you're a heel or forefoot striker. It's good for long and short runs, too, providing a smooth transition from heel to toe.

Cushioning: Medium
The more cushioning that you have underfoot, the softer and more comfortable your running experience can be. Cushioning helps soften impact as your feet hit the ground. Lightweight, durable foam delivers a responsive ride while holding its shape—giving you a consistent feeling run after run.

Responsiveness: High
The more responsive the shoe, the more energy return you can get back with each step. Whether you want to run a little bit faster or with a little less effort, responsive shoes help give you slightly more spring in your step to get more out of your run. 2 Zoom Air units (1 in the forefoot and the heel) give you a bouncy, springy sensation and an energized feel at toe-off.

What's New About the Peg 40?
When we sat down to design the Peg 40, we took an inside-out approach, literally, starting with an implemented midfoot band for a more secure, but forgiving sensation, like the Peg is giving your arch a welcoming, gentle hug. We wanted to make the inner confines of the shoe comfortable, breathable and forgiving in the toes, arch and heel, where your feet are most sensitive, with an engineered circular pattern that allows it to conform to your foot. Suede material allows it to provide better fit without irritation, from your 1st run to last run.

Single layer mesh on the upper is light and breathable.
Redesigned midfoot strap creates a more molded fit to the foot, shaped for all sized arches.
Heel area optimizes the landing space and improves transition and durability.
Waffle-inspired outsole provides traction for the road.
Extra flex groove offers a smooth toe-off.

More Details

  • Weight: 242 g (Women's size 8)
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop: 10 mm
  • Not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
SIZE: 7.5

Pickup available at GTI HQ

Usually ready in 24 hours

SIZE: 7.5